Francesca – 2013

This is the set piece for "Francesca," a performance by Language of Fish Collective Arts. The choreography and concept were inspired by the work of photographer Francesca Woodman, whose powerful retrospective had struck a chord with the members of the collective. The performance was a thesis project for my sister Adderly Bigelow who was studying at Naropa University in Boulder, CO, Woodman’s hometown. The set consists of four moveable facets on hinges with multiple windows and mirrors, and a door which served as the only exit from the stage. It was built with recycled and repurposed building materials like moldings, balusters, and shutters, medicine cabinets, as well as truck and motorcycle mirrors.

In addtion to the set, Language of Fish wanted to exhibit a photographic response to Woodward’s images. I worked with them to capture a series of images that were presented in the lobby of the theater, and were produced with traditional film and darkroom techniques.